In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, mental health stands out as a crucial aspect that demands specialized attention and care. Recognizing the significance of mental well-being, Shamrock Medicine takes pride in offering comprehensive psychiatric care services in Pennsylvania. Led by the experienced and compassionate Dr. Peter Kelly, Shamrock Medicine is committed to providing a holistic approach to primary and psychiatric care that goes beyond traditional methods.

Dr. Peter Kelly, a Board Certified Physician with over a decade of experience in Family Medicine, is at the helm of Shamrockmedicine’s commitment to mental health. A graduate of the prestigious University of Notre Dame and the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Kelly’s journey is marked by a dedication to understanding and addressing the diverse healthcare needs of individuals and families.

With a residency in Family Medicine from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Dr. Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge to the field. His board certification in Family Medicine, along with his membership in the AOA (American Osteopathic Association) and AMA (American Medical Association), underscores his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of medical practice.

One of the distinctive features of Shamrock Medicine’s psychiatric care services is its inclusivity.  Shamrock Medicine’s Psychiatric NP Olivia Mouras treats adults of all ages and children above the age of five.  Thus recognizing that mental health concerns can affect individuals at any stage of life. This inclusive approach ensures that families can turn to Shamrock Medicine for a wide range of psychiatric needs, fostering an environment of trust and continuity of care.Shamrock medicine's Comprehensive Approach to Psychiatric Medical Care

Shamrock Medicine’s comprehensive approach to primary and psychiatric medical care emphasizes the management of both acute and chronic conditions. Dr. Kelly’s extensive background in both Chronic Care and Urgent Care settings equips him with a nuanced understanding of the complexities associated with physical health.  This expertise enables him to tailor treatment plans that are not only evidence-based but also sensitive to the unique needs of each patient.

At the core of Shamrock Medicine’s philosophy is a belief in evidence-based medicine. Dr. Kelly ensures that the treatments and interventions offered are rooted in scientific research and proven methodologies. This commitment to the latest advancements in the field ensures that patients receive the most effective and up-to-date primary and psychiatric care available.

However, Shamrock Medicine goes beyond conventional approaches and embraces open-mindedness towards alternative medical care. Dr. Kelly recognizes that primary care and mental health are complex and multifaceted aspects of overall well-being. In cases where traditional treatments may be limited, Shamrock Medicine explores alternative modalities that align with the patient’s preferences and needs.

The geographic focus on providing psychiatric care services in Pennsylvania is a testament to Shamrockmedicine’s dedication to serving the local community. By being embedded in the local healthcare landscape, Shamrock Medicine is well-positioned to understand and address the specific mental health challenges faced by individuals and families in Pennsylvania.


Shamrock Medicine’s Comprehensive Approach to Primary and Psychiatric Medical Care, stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of mental health. The inclusive nature of their services, coupled with a commitment to evidence-based practices and openness to alternative modalities, sets Shamrock Medicine apart in the field of primary and psychiatric care services in Pennsylvania. Individuals and families seeking compassionate and comprehensive mental health care need to look no further than the expertise and dedication offered by Shamrock Medicine.


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